Glasslands Terrarium Winner!


A BIG congrats to the winner of the super groovy Glasslands Terrarium – Dee!
glasslands winner

We asked everyone to tell us what they would shrink and put in a bowl if they could! What fantastically magical responses we had – from shrinking adult children to a storm, to a classroom of preps!

I spotted the most glorious rainbow this afternoon and just had to pick Dee’s response as the winner! It was a full rainbow arch (I could almost see the gold!!) but I couldn’t quite capture it on my phone! Blast!

Dee wrote: “Would love to shrink a bright rainbow, a little bit of sunshine and a dash of rain clouds. 
Rainbows are so rare to spot and when you do, it makes you smile on the outside and warm and fuzzy on the inside.”


A big thanks to everyone who entered and a super big thank you to Glasslands for their gorgeous prize! Of course, if you want to be as cool as Dee and have your very own terrarium, you can pick one up from Glasslands at any one of her upcoming market stalls! Visit her Market Roll page for dates and locations.