Melbourne Markets

Melbourne markets

Melbourne Markets can be found all over Melbourne, but let’s face it, some are great and some are not so great. The fantastic thing is though, depending on what you’re into, you can find practically anything! Everything from crocheted tea cosies, to designer fabric nappies, to resin jewellery to original artworks.

Did you know that, according to Tourism Victoria, visiting Melbourne markets is in the TOP 5 things to do for International Tourists when visiting Melbourne? It’s also in the TOP 10 list of things to do in Melbourne for Domestic visitors.

It’s easy to see why – visiting a Melbourne market and meeting the stall holders, often gives you a great, authentic reflection of the nature of the local community. As history has shown, you can learn a lot about how a community lives, by observing the things they make. And unlike the museum (look but don’t touch!), you can buy these authentically local wares, to keep forever! What a treat.