Fruitful Feelings

Fruitful Feelings

Understanding and talking about emotions can be less than easy,
especially for children.

Fruitful Feelings has been created to nurture children’s connection with
their emotions, help them be in tune with their bodies and understand
themselves better so they can confidently express how they feel.

The deck contains 35 picture cards with positive messages based on the chakras in the body. Don't know what chakras are? That's ok! The cards will teach you how to work with them.

The cards come with a fold-out guide to help children work through a challenge or to set a daily intention. It also contains some simple and fun ideas to help children feel more balanced, resilient and integrated in body and mind.

A great resource for parents, grandparents, practitioners, yoga
instructors, teachers and early childhood educators to help the little
people in your life with big emotions.

Price: $44
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The cards and artwork were created by Erica Boettcher, a mother of two,
a kinesiology practitioner and teacher who loves working with children and adults from her clinic, Eastern Balance Kinesiology, in Mitcham.