Taylored Dots

Taylored Dots

Donna Taylor is the self taught, Creative Illustrator behind Taylored Dots. Donna has a unique talent for a drawing technique known as ‘stippling’ or ‘pointillism' In basic terms, she is obsessed with drawing in dots, using only a fine liner.

Donna believes that the detail of a drawing is down to the final dot, as she freehand dots the authentic faces of many people and animals from around the world.

Bringing a new edge to the art world and making it more accessible to those who seek something different for their walls.

Donna's originals take up to 120 hours to complete, showing so much detail and offering something so different, a talking point for your home. Every line, wrinkle or hair in Donna's drawings is made from the layering of dots.

Take a closer look, not one line...