10 Reasons to Visit Your Local Market

1. Market stall holders don’t have the same over head prices as bricks and mortar stores, so you’ll always buy things at a very reasonable price.

2. Great places to spend a few hours wandering around on a sunny weekend. Fun for the whole family.

3. Many markets sell home made food or are located in venues where you can grab a bite to eat. So you can shop and eat! What more could you want?!

St Andrews community market 2St.Andrews Community Market

4. Learn about Art, craft and design. Kids and adults alike enjoy exploring the creative world of art and design by browsing market stalls and talking to artists and designers.

St Andrews community marketSt.Andrews Community Market

5. Lots of stall holders are regulars at the markets they attend, so if you fall in love with one of their products, you can always go back and buy it again. Many stall holders also have online stores so you can discover great products that are available online, while still supporting local business.

6. When you buy a product in a department store, you’re never aware of who made it, how it was made and more often than not, all you know is it was probably made in a factory in China. When you buy from the markets, you almost always meet a products’ maker who will gladly tell you how it was made, what it’s made from and where it was produced.

Williamstown craft marketWilliamstown Craft Market

7. As almost all products you’ll find at art and craft markets are handmade, it’s common to find products made from recycled or upcycled materials, organic ingredients and making processes that are environmentally friendly. Not only will you be supporting local industry but you’ll also be supporting our environment.

8. If you are new to an area or visiting, it’s a great way to meet local characters, eavesdrop on local conversation and find out a little something about what makes the locals tick.

Esplanade marketThe Esplanade Market

9. If you’re tired of looking at the generic products of Myer, David Jones and other department stores, but still want variety, durability and quality, markets are the place to go.

10. I think this one is the most important. Keep up to date on art and design being created by the people who live in your local community. Buy their products and support local artists and designers.