A Delicious Market Day


In my opinion, the smell of a sausage sizzle is one of the most intoxicating. Especially, when you’ve been walking around all morning and you had breakfast a good 5 hours ago! The ol’ sausage hugged by a slice of cheap white bread, tomato sauce squeezed out of a yucky bottle all topped with slippery onion slivers. How delectable!

Williamstown market

Of course, you may not dig the sausage sizzle as much as I do and may find all the other delicacies one can find at markets more appealing. From home made cupcakes, corn on the cob, little dutch pancakes, home made samosas, spit lamb kebabs, all washed down with a cup of traditional homemade lemonade.

Anglesea market

A couple of notable mentions are the Shirt & Skirt Market and the Supper Market which are both held on the grounds of the Abbotsford convent.

The Convent offers everything from a vegetarian buffet with chai tea to a meat pie and a beer. There is a variety of food and beverage outlets on site with one of my favourites being Lentil As Anything. If you love vegetarian and haven’t visited already, you must pop in and try it. The restaurant operates on a pay-as-you-feel system, where you’re invited to make a voluntary donation in return for your dining experience, in a wooden box at the counter.
The use of organic fruit and vegetables is employed as much as possible, as well as fair-trade tea and coffee.

Convent bakery

Here are a few markets where you won’t go hungry!