Benefits of promotional giveaways (on TMR!)

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We love hosting give aways here on The Market Roll. Here are a few reasons why sponsoring a give away is a great way to help boost your product or business.

1. Create a positive impact

Let’s face it, people love getting stuff for free! Giveaways can share your business’ mission statement in a much less obtrusive way than a direct advertising campaign, which many people find irritating and often ignore. First impressions count so create a positive impact from the very beginning.

2. Create a new customer and keep them

Promotional giveaways can help to develop relationships with potential customers. The more people that enter the give away, the more opportunities you’ll have to directly target these people who are genuinely interested in your products. They have already had one positive experience, so often they’ll come back for more.

the-little-village-market-elwood-customersThe Little Village Market customers

3. Develop brand recognition

People are constantly being bombarded with product and business ads and it’s been said that a person needs to be exposed to the product/or business at least 7 times until they’ll trust enough to make a purchase. Promotional give aways are the kind of things that people love to share with friends. Let other people create your 7 impressions and build your brand recognition.

4. Support your new product launch or test the market

If you have a new product, you’ll want as many people to hear about it as possible. Giving away your new product shows confidence and pride. If one person is given your product, and they love it, you can rest assured they’ll spread the word.
Not sure if your audience is going to like your new idea? Before you invest in making 2000 of your product, see how many people are actually interested in winning it. You could also take the opportunity to ask for comments and suggestions.

Lush CherryLush Cherry

Having a give away on The Market Roll

• Average give away runs for 10 days with approximately 400 views.
• 2000 visitors to The Market Roll in a 10 day period.
• Visitors spend approximately 3 mins on The Market Roll.
• Most give aways have about 30 – 50 entries.
• Give aways are promoted on Facebook, Twitter,, and various blogs

Testimonials from previous give away sponsors

“As a business that was just starting out I sponsored a giveaway on The Market Roll. I found the experience to be very worthwhile as it gave my business extra exposure and directed people to my Facebook profile who may not have otherwise found me. I received great feedback from the winning customer and it was fun creating something just for her.”

– Tania
Squiggle & Stitch


View Squiggle & Stitch’s Give away.

“It was really great to see how many people were interested in winning a stall at The Little Village Market Elwood! There could only be a few winners but lots of stallholders who entered the giveaway have put in applications to have a stall with us in 2012. We’re looking forward to having another giveaway in the future!”

The Little Village Market Elwood


View The Little Village Market Elwood’s Give away.

squiggle and stitchSquiggle & Stitch

If you’d like to sponsor a give away get in touch. Looking forward to helping you promote and having some fun!

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