Get more customers at the markets this Christmas!

We think the amount of people buying handmade gifts at Christmas time, gets larger every year (thankfully!)
So if you’ll be selling your lovely wares at the markets this holiday season, it’s the perfect time to reach out and introduce your brand to all those extra shoppers!

Here are 5 quick tips, to make sure you’ll be leaving an impression with all those handmade devotees this Christmas.

1. Some people suggest putting your logo on bags you give to customers. Truth is, no one cares about logos (unless you’re an established brand) and they won’t come to your stall because of your great logo. A better idea would be to give away a free small product, to interested customers. It should be something cheap (or free) to make and something fun that could even be a conversation starter amongst other market shoppers. A great way for people to remember you, and your products.


2. If you can, have a little workshop running at your stall, demonstrating how you make your product (or even a small part of it). People ‘doing stuff’ are always crowd pullers and the more people you have hovering around your stall, the higher the chance of a sale.


3. Some stall holders I’ve met have not allowed photos, even when I told them I was going to feature them on my blog! I think all shoppers should be encouraged to take photos! People love sharing pictures on Facebook and what a great way to promote your brand! (you don’t have to be in the photos, of course.) Plus, when people have pictures in their phone, there’s a constant visual reminder about your product!


4. Give away ‘Limited time only’ coupons that run January through February, to all window shoppers. This will encourage people to buy from your online store during the slower months once the holidays are over.


5. Create a set of 5 (or so) Christmas gift tags with your url on the back. Sell them for a throw away amount or give them away. A little ad goes out with every present!


So add some fun marketing strategies into your prep for upcoming Christmas markets and you’re sure to create a bunch of new loyal customers!

Got a marketing tip that you’ve used at Christmas markets? Share it! We’d all love to know.