How to Increase Sales at your Market Stall. Part 2.


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4. Variety in Stock

Ensure that you have a range of different products to suit a range of different customers.
For example, I sold a range of jewelry at my stalls. I ensured I had dangling earrings and stud earrings. I also stocked necklaces for people who couldn’t wear earrings for whatever reason or didn’t like them, and brooches which ended up being extremely popular with the 55+ women.

Another curiosity I discovered was, don’t only display the pieces you like. It’s often the pieces that I didn’t like that would sell the best.

The Market Roll

5. Don’t Offer too Many Options of the Same Product

When faced with too many options shoppers get what is called ‘choice paralysis’. The more options a shopper is faced with, the more likely they are to not choose any of them. So, prioritise your stock and only display your best pieces. If you have a range of colours in one product for instance, only display a few of them and only show the customer more colours if they ask.

The Esplanade Market
The Esplanade Market

6. Rummaging Through Baskets

Don’t be too precious with your products. If your product allows, have a few baskets where shoppers can rummage through and discover their very own treasure. Shoppers will get a sense that they have discovered something that no one else has yet seen, making the product they found seem extra special and truly their’s.

Supper market
Supper Market

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