How to Increase Sales at your Market Stall. Part 4.

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This is the final part in the ‘How to Increase Sales at your Market Stall’ series.
Hope it helps!

10. Market Specials & Incentives

You don’t want to cheapen the look of your stall by having a ‘60% off. Everything must go!” sign, but you may want to think about offering your customers something extra.
You may want to have a particular product where you can offer a ‘buy one, get one free’ promotion. Or you could have a complimentary gift with every purchase. Keep in mind the season you’re selling in too. Is Mother’s day coming up? Perhaps offer free gift wrapping or if Christmas is approaching, why not give away sets of gift tags?
These items can be cheaply and easily made and often add the sale clenching touch.

Esplanade market
The Esplanade Market

11. Invite Your Friends

It may sound dorky, but having your friends visit on your first market day is quite lovely. Having a group of people standing in front of your stall too, is always a way of drawing shoppers to your stall. People are often attracted to crowds, but make sure you tell your friends to step to the side when ‘real’ customers arrive.

Rose Street Artists market
Rose Street Artists Market

12. Keep Tourists in Mind

According to Tourism Victoria, ‘Going to Markets’ is the #4 thing that tourists do in Melbourne. We all know what being being a tourist is like. What should I bring back for mum? What would ‘insert name here’ like? Tourists are looking to buy and have money to spend, so take advantage of them! Remember that tourists have limited suitcase space, so keep your tourist product range compact and light. They also like to purchase items which reflect the city they purchased it in. I had one tourist ask if I had any ‘Melbourne earrings’! Not sure what they would look like but she was ready to buy when she found them!

Esplanade market
The Esplanade Market

Good luck everyone! Make sure you have fun too! If you have any more tips, please leave them in a comment below.

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