How to make the most of your Premium profile on The Market Roll

Boldandstriking features at the top of the Melbourne stallholder list

We’ve spent much of this afternoon looking over our traffic stats (if you run a site, you’ll know how fascinating this information can be!).
And we were so impressed to see just how popular our High Rollers are! Over 60% of our High rollers (the stalls attending the most markets) received over 100 page views this past month with the average time spent on their profile page being around 1 minute (which is ages in internet time!).

Here are a few tips we can take away from our successful High rollers:

Add your stall to as many markets as you’re attending.

Boldandstriking is currently attending 9 markets and is featured prominently at the top of our Melbourne stall directory. Our stats show that the higher up on the list you are, the more page views you’ll receive.

Update your photos regularly and ensure they are of the highest quality.

Aacute has some fantastic photos which are regularly updated. Return visitors to TMR love to see fresh content and with regular new pictures, your profile will look fresh and engaging.Read our post on how to take great product photos, if you’d like a little help.

marketing your market stall
Aacute has great pics in their profile!

Don’t forget to completely fill in your profile info!

Not only are you giving visitors information about your business, but you also have the opportunity to send customers to your business website via web links. We’ve sent over 100 visitors to our High Roller’s websites, just this month.

Promote your TMR Profile on your social network pages.

Many stallholders promote individual markets they’re attending, with unnecessary multiple Facebook posts, tweets etc. Take all the hassle out of promoting where you’ll be and when you’ll be there, by sending your customers to one page with all the info they’ll need to find you.
Create repeat customers by giving them a simple and easy way to keep track of you!

If you haven’t joined us yet, register your stall and join the fun! If you only have a free profile, get all the extra benefits of Premium by clicking Upgrade.

Happy marketing everyone!