Introducing Stallholder ‘Pieces’ to TMR!



It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here – Introducing ‘Pieces’ to TMR!

Let the fun begin! Now we can all peruse stall pieces, each with name, description and price. This makes it easier for everyone to discover new pieces and purchase from our favourite stallholders at upcoming markets.

The new changes mean a few things:
  • The latest Pieces to be added to TMR are now featured on the homepage
  • Premium Stallholder profile pages will now feature pieces, each with a photo, description, price and can be assigned to a category (so you can browse all jewellery or fashion etc…);
  • Market profile pages will now show all the stallholder pieces that will be there on the day, not just a logo. This will make finding specific pieces much easier!
  • If you’re a stallholder, to add a piece just head to your profile page
And the fun doesn’t stop there! To celebrate we’re giving away a 1 year Premium Profile (worth $120) to one lucky stallholder who registers their stall on TMR within the next 30 days!All new registrations will automatically go into the draw to win! The lucky winner will be announced and contacted on Sunday 1st December.

Register here and start promoting your pieces today!

We love getting feedback from everyone who uses TMR, so feel free to let us know what you think of the all new ‘pieces’.