Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal

Not that we’re ones to support big retail giants like Kmart, but here at The Market Roll, we think their Wishing Tree Appeal in conjunction with The Salvation Army, is a beautiful idea.


We’d love everyone to support the appeal this Christmas and help out those families in Australia who may not be able to afford to buy gifts for their friends and loved ones this year.

Donating one of your handmade items to the appeal, costs you very little, yet can bring so much happiness to someone in need.

Participating in the Appeal is easy. Take a gift tag from the tree and write down the age and gender of a suitable recipient, place it with your gift (wrapped or unwrapped) under the Wishing Tree located in any Kmart store or at their Express Gift Drop off point located at the front of the store.


The most important part is gifts DO NOT need to be purchased from Kmart. (Yayy!) They can be purchased from any retailer or HANDMADE (double yayy!!)

What a lovely way to spread love and handmade this Christmas. Please share this with anyone you know who’d love to help.

Thank you to everyone in advance for your generosity.