Little Miss Marnie’s Mother’s Day give away winner!


A big congratulations to our Little Miss Marnie special Mother’s Day give away WINNER!!

Well done Diana! We asked everyone to submit a funny story about their Mum. We just had to share Diana’s story with you because we thought it was quite hysterical!

Diana wrote, “Many years ago I was off sick from school, and Mum obviously forgot I was tucked up in bed because she walked down the hallway and let the mightiest, most loudest fart I have ever heard out of any human in my entire life. Hilarious because to this very day she still denies it, and still to this very day no one has ever heard her fart….except me”


Diana, your prize is on its way to you! Thanks to everyone who entered and of course an EXTRA big thanks to Little Miss Marnie for her lovely prize.

We have a brand new give away tomorrow, so stay tuned. It’s a super funky prize that we’re sure you’re going to LOVE!