Market Doughnuts

Ahh. There’s nothing like a good doughnut is there? Especially when it’s bought from an old van, sugar flying everywhere, the bag turning translucent from the oil and burning your tongue with the hot jam. All part of the market doughnut experience, I say.

Here are some markets to visit, if for nothing else, but the delectable doughnuts!

American Doughnut Kitchen
Queen Victoria Market
(my fave!!!! Don’t be deterred by the long line. It moves fast!)

American Doughnut kitchenAmerican Doughnut Kitchen

American Doughnut kitchenYummy American Doughnut Kitchen Doughnuts

Doughnut Van
Preston Market

Dandee Doughnuts
Dandenong Market
Southern Car park

Dandee DoughnutsDandee Dougnuts

Gleadell Street Market

Doughnut Van
South Melbourne Market