Markets of Spain


We took a little trip to Spain recently (last week actually!) and it’s always heart warming to see market stall holders set up and selling their wares in other parts of the world.

barcelona-beach-marketBarcelona Beach Lost & Found Fashion Market

barcelona-beach-marketBarcelona Beach Hair Stylist @ Fashion Market

If I was a local, this beach side vintage market on Barceloneta beach is where I would be spending most of my weekends! I was too hot and bothered after still recovering from what felt like a 67 hour flight, to rummage through all the stuff they were selling, but I tell ya, it looked like a vintage fashion dream (right on the beach!!)

barcelona-beach-marketAssociacio D’Artesans de Palau De Mar


san sebastian-beach-marketSan Sebastian Artists Market
This Artists market along Alameda del Boulevard in San Sebastian (heaven on earth!) is the place to go if you love original drawings, paintings and scribbles by local artists. Even if you don’t love local art, the setting of this market (coupled with a gelato) is simply paradise.

barcelona fruit and veg-marketBarcelona Fresh Fruit & Veg Market

barcelona fruit and veg-market

I have never, in all my life, seen a more beautiful fruit and veg market. Yeh, Queen Vic Market in Melbourne is fine, but the attention to detail in the displays and the array of patterns and colours at this market in Barcelona was just breathtaking. So much so, that you will NEED to buy a coconut and pineapple, or lime and strawberry, or guava and kiwi, or strawberry and mango (!!!!) juice to get your breath back!

So tell us what other world markets you’ve been to and why we should suffer 2 days of plane food to visit them! Do you have pics? Post them up on our Facebook wall – we’d love to see them!