New Market Search page & mobile friendly


One of the funnest things about running The Market Roll is thinking of new things to add to the site and making it better and better for market organisers, stallholders and market goers.
So here are a couple new things that we think you’re going to love.

One of the most popular pages on TMR is the Market Search page. It’s a great way to quickly find out what’s on on a particular day and to see the stall holders who’ll be attending.

A couple of new Market Search features which we think will be pretty useful:

• We now show the market’s address on the Market Search page, so you can quickly see if it’s going to take 4 minutes or 4 hours to get there!

• We’ve also highlighted markets that have TMR stalls attending with a glowing green colour and outline, so you can quickly check out which TMR stallholders will be there on the day.


Stallholders, don’t forget to add your stall to the market date that you’ll be attending and make sure that everyone knows where and when they can find you.

Market organisers, don’t forget to remind your stallholders to register their stalls on TMR and join your page. Get your stallholders to help your market glow green in our directory, and look ever so popular!

Here’s another new TMR feature that we think is pretty cool.
You’re out and about and want to find a market that’s in the area.

Our new layout is now mobile friendly! That means everything is now bigger, easier and faster to find when you’re on the road and only have your mobile.

Have a fun weekend all.