Sarah Button Earrings giveaway WINNERS!


Congrats go to Alysha for winning the gorgeous pair of earrings and Kelly for winning the sparkly headband, courtesy of Sarah Button Earrings! Well done ladies.

Alysha’s winning comment –
“I absolutely adore those red ones! There’s something about handmade products that separate them from the mass produced that I cannot resist! xx”


Kelly’s winning comment –

“I love the cornflower blue of my daughter’s eyes,
Clearer than than clearest skies,
Framed by lashes of pale strawberry,
She didn’t get either colour from me!
With my green eyes and mouse-brown hair,
There must be something going on there…
But, no, Hubby has the palest tint of red,
So, perhaps she inherited from him instead,
But as for those pale blue eyes I love,
They must have come from Heaven above.”

sarah button earrings headband

A big thank you to everyone who entered and an EXTRA big thanks to the ever so generous, Sarah for her lovely prizes! If you didn’t win and still want to get your hands on some of Sarah’s goodies, check out her TMR page and visit her at her next market!

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