Source Bottle: How to get free media publicity?

Have you ever wondered how ordinary people get quoted in the media? Do you often think they’re the journalist’s cousin or best friend? They probably are sometimes, but a lot of the time, ordinary people are found and quoted as sources in the media, through sites like this one – Source Bottle.


source bottle logo


Journalists, writers and bloggers submit ‘call outs’ for a source on whatever topic they’re writing about. These ‘call outs’ can be viewed at the site (or emailed to you) and if you reckon you’d be a great source for that topic – you can submit your info and be considered.

A great way to get your name (or business) into the media for free!

There’s a ‘call out’ up at the moment from Family Capers blog, topic ; “Do you have a market coming up?

Now, I KNOW for a fact, lots of you guys do. So submit your info! Be quick though, submissions close July 25th.