TMR’s Super Dooper Guess & WIN game 2.

Yay for TMR’s Super Dooper Guess & WIN game 2! Guess the handmade item in the picture below and go into the draw to win it!

There are only 2 rules:

1. Leave your guess in a comment below and under the appropriate post on our Facebook page.

2. Click and share (via the share button on Facebook) TMR’s Super Dooper Guess & WIN game 2. with all your friends and get them in on the fun!

All correct guesses will go into a draw to win the grand prize. The designer and item will be revealed and a new Super Dooper Guess & WIN picture will be uploaded – and the game starts again with a new prize.

Sound easy enough? Well, go on… have a guess! (Remember – you can have as many guesses as you like but all the game rules must be followed for entry into the draw)


Entries close Sunday 18th March 7pm and winner announced Monday night.