Top 10 best selling products at craft markets in 2014

Here’s a list of 10 top selling items at markets throughout recent years. Within each item category, we’ve also highlighted the types of items that are trending in 2014.

1. Inexpensive Jewellery

No matter how many jewellery stallholders there are at markets, jewellery is consistently one of the most popular selling products at markets all over Australia.
Jewellery is commonly purchased as a gift. If you try to keep your items at a reasonably low cost, these items should fly off your table.

Popular types of jewellery trending this year:

Hand woven Friendship Bracelets

Hand woven Friendship bracelets By Marika King (Melbourne)

Single earrings

single earring
King Parrot Bohemian Feather Earring By Noodge Designs

Leather statement cuffs with fur or fringes

Vegan Leather Cuff By Quisnam (Melbourne)

Chain jewellery

Big Gold Chain bracelet By Destash Craft n More

Collar necklaces

Folk Fringed Collar Necklace By Colombian Made Shop (Sydney)

When deciding on colours, keep in mind this year’s colour trends in mind.

2. Practical Items

There’s a fine line between what can be categorised as practical and what isn’t but if someone can say, “I need a…..” with some conviction, then it’s probably practical. Some items that can fall into this category are:

  • Hair accessories
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Bags

Popular types of Hair accessories trending this year:

Flower Headbands

Red ‘Real Touch’ Orchid Flower Head Band By A Little Earthquake (Sydney)

Flower pins

Japanese Kanzashi flower Hair Clip By Sophies Blossom (Gold Coast)

Leather embellished headbands

Black Laser Cut Leather Lace Headband By Skadi Jewellery (Melbourne)

Gold clips

Gold Bumble Bee and Flower Pin Set By Lulu Splendor (Melbourne)

Big Ribbons & head scarfs

Reversible Zebra Printhead scarf By Brookleigh (Melbourne)

Popular types of Scarves trending this year:

  • Long thin fabric scarves that can tucked under belts
  • Prints & Patterns (animals prints, stripes, geometric)
  • Pastel colours
  • Floral prints

Popular types of Bags trending this year:

Bucket bags

Hand screenprinted gold and black bucket bag By Problem Child The Label (Sydney)

Micro bags

Spotty Micro bag By Miss Vincents Boutique (Perth)


Kids Backpack in Recycled Furnishing Fabrics By Cobbled Together (Castlemaine)

Metallic Clutch

Vintage Metallic Clutch By Fanny Adams VC (Adelaide)

3. Little Take Away Items

Pinback buttons Set of 4 By Angie & Friends (Melbourne)

Think fridge magnets, badges, coasters, key rings. These kinds of things are usually low cost and can be easily transported by customers. Many market shoppers are tourists looking for little gift and momentos they can easily pop into their suitcase.

4. Sewn Items

Orange & Purple Girls Tulle Tutu By Kiss my Patootie (Brisbane)

Vintage fabrics are popular right now and anything that can inspire a sense of nostalgia is often popular. Tote bags, aprons, little dolls or stuffed toys and cushion covers. Little girl skirts are also super popular, especially tutus!

5. Gifts

Thankfully, buying Handmade is becoming more and more popular every year and shoppers are increasingly seeking out hand crafted and locally made items to give as gifts.
Gifts are bought for a whole range of people, friends, family, partners, colleagues, babies, children, teenagers.

5 tips when creating gift ranges:

  • Low cost ($25 – $50 is a comfortable price range for most gifts)
  • Small in size
  • Shows providence (Handmade in Fitzroy, Melbourne)
  • Personalised (jewellery, dog bowls, wall art and baby products make the perfect platform for featuring names)
  • Gift wrapping option.

Don’t forget gift cards are always popular.

Zebra blank gift card By For Me by Dee (Melbourne)

6. Special Occasion Items

Glass Christmas Decoration Set of 3 By My French Sailor (Melbourne)

It’s always a great idea to add specific holiday items that reflect the season. Don’t forget Christmas, Easter, Monther’s & Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Popular Season specific products:

  • Christmas decorations
  • Occasion specific Gift cards and gift wrap
  • Hampers

7. Personalised Products

Baby Name Keepsake Cushion By The Wiggle Tree (Launceston)

People love giving gifts that have some kind of personalisation.
The great news is that nearly everything can be personalised in some way, not just with someone’s name, but with more general titles such as, World’s Best Couch Potato or personalised with inspirational phrases. Generic titles or phrases can easily be pre-made and sold at your stall. If you are going to take personal orders, make sure you place pop up a few signs stating the fact or verbally tell interested customers.

8. Bath & Beauty Products

Handmade soap By Soap Cuisine (Melbourne)

Everyone is becoming increasingly aware of the chemicals that are being added to all store bought bath & beauty products.
Body washes, soaps, shampoos, scrubs, lotions and candles made with natural ingredients are now becoming the hot sellers at markets. Market shoppers usually buy these kinds of items for themselves so they are usually a lot more invested in these purchases. Be prepared to supply ingredient lists and offer free samples. Shoppers are also willing to spend more money on these types of products and if they love it, will usually be returning customers.

5 tips for selling body products:

  • Check your legal obligations. Visit for appropriate ingredient labelling requirements as well as some other resources
  • List all ingredients with their official name
  • Have samples out for customers to try
  • Keep colours in mind. Brightly coloured items may seem appealing, but if you’re trying to push a natural feel, these may not be appropriate
  • If your product looks yum, let customers see it by keeping containers clear or translucent. Keep soaps free from any kind of wrapping

Top 5 fragrances

  • Lavender
  • Vanilla
  • Gardenia
  • Grapefruit
  • Patchouli

9. Framed Photography or Artwork

Original Illustration By Bless This Mess (Sydney)

People are always looking for interesting and unique ways to furnish their homes.
Photographs of the local area are always popular among locals and a great souvenir for tourists. Original artworks are becoming increasingly popular with shoppers loving the idea of having an original piece of art in their home.

10. Food

Cupcakes By CakeDayAU (Melbourne)

Artisan, gourmet and organic food items are all becoming super popular. Create a story behind your product telling customers where ingredients come from, where the product is made or any special process used in its production.
Always keep food safety in mind during hot weather at outdoor markets and if you can, provide some samples for customers to try. Attractive gift hampers are always pretty popular, especially around Mother’s Day or Christmas. A good idea could be to hook up with a couple of other food artisans you know and create hampers for foodie shoppers at your market. Don’t forget, you must check with the Department of Health in your state for food handling and selling regulations.

5 Popular food items:

  • Coffee & Tea
  • Handmade chocolates and candy
  • Gourmet hampers
  • Cookies and cakes
  • Flavourings & Spices

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