What do visitors and sellers want from a market?


We recently took part in a short survey for Blackbird Market. They’re hoping to make their market bigger and better in 2012 and would love people’s thoughts.
They had a great question in the survey: What influences your decision to go to, or choose to sell, at a particular market?

Blackbird MarketBlackbird Market

What a great blog post topic! So we’re posing the question to you guys – What do you look for when choosing a market to visit or sell at? Does it need to be big, indoors or local? Are you willing to travel, but it has to be a big outdoor event?

What do you look for when choosing a market?

Blackbird MarketBlackbird Market

Southside handmade vintage marketSouthside Handmade & Vintage Market

We’re going to collate all your responses for a future blog post, so be sure to leave your business name and url for a mention in the post!