You know you’re a crafter when…

You know you’re a crafter when…

1. You have a kitchen table under the mounds of fabric, cotton, pencils and scrap paper.

messy desk

2. You can’t understand people who buy greeting cards.


3. You never buy gifts because you make them all yourself, even if you know that the gift receiver would appreciate a shop gift more.

4. Others often hear you say, “What could I make with that?” You take it for a future craft project and it ends up sitting in the cupboard for years.

5. The world could crash and burn around you but you won’t budge until you get that bit of tulle cut and stitched into place.

6.You get sensory over load and almost feel paralysed with inspiration when you walk into an art shop. Often you forget why you even walked in.

art shop

7. You don’t plan most of your projects, rather jumping in with excitement and vision. Often this results in much waste of materials and money.

you know you're a crafter

8. You often get comments like, “Did you make that?” and not sure whether to receive them as a compliment or not.

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